Listen : Shlomi Aber ‘Accelerator’ EP [Drumcode Ltd]

Listen : Shlomi Aber ‘Accelerator’ EP [Drumcode Ltd]

Shlomi Aber makes his debut on Drumcode Ltd with a piercing four-tracker for the vinyl only offshoot.

Israel’s Shlomi Aber remains of techno’s most consistent artists, with a career stretching back 15 years. The label boss of Be As One, Aber has also had his music released on such imprints as R&S, Figure and Ovum, reinforcing his status as a purveyor of classy yet impactful techno.

His contribution to Drumcode Ltd puts a fresh take on the classic pounding DC sound of the label’s early years, an era the DJ/producer has long been a fan of. Beginning with ‘Inflict’, the EP lays down its heavy-hitting intentions from the onset, as a persistent muffled vocal build beneath a bed of steely percussion, creating a dark tension-filled atmosphere. ‘Accelerator’ follows, the title track that was quite literally born at Basel’s own techno temple Nordstern this year when Aber crafted it into a stunning cavernous beast, using his 909 and XOXBOX Acid machine. ‘Typeface’ is stripped back and functional, an energy-packed tool for building extended techno journeys. The four-piece is rounded out by the fantastic ‘Rain Storm’, that lowers the intensity, as the six-minute cut introduces a new groovier element to the work and concludes the EP is sharp fashion.

Shlomi Aber – Accelerator EP

EP release date:15 January 2018

1. Shlomi Aber – Inflict
2. Shlomi Aber – Accelerator
3. Shlomi Aber – Typeface
4. Shlomi Aber – Rain Storm

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