Mexican Institute of Sound “Pa La Calle”

Mexican Institute of Sound “Pa La Calle”

“Pa La Calle” the new single of the project Mexican Institute of Sound on Time Records

“Pa La Calle” is used by Apple for the new global campaign of the new Apple Watch Series 3!

The Mexican Institute of Sound, also known as Instituto Mexicano del Sonido is a project of Camilo Lara, where some classic songs of the seventies and eighties are mixed with electronic music.

Camilo Lara has assets already well 7 albums and an EP in his career as the Mexican Institute of Sound that began in 2006 and was merely creating a compilation for the holidays of his friends, who convinced him to enter the studio to produce her songs.

With the critical and commercial success of his album “Pinata” and “Soy Sauce”, Mexican Institute of Sound (MIS) now travels the world performing in the most prestigious festivals including Coachella and Lollapalooza.

The new album “Disco Popular” from which the first single “Pa La Calle” sung by Lorna, already known around the world for the hit “Papi Chulo” of 2003 in which a captured radio and clubs around the world !

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