Music For Dreams begins 2018 with new signing Islandman’s artist album “Rest In Space”

Music For Dreams begins the New Year with the release of a new artist album from new signing Islandman on Friday 8th January 2018. Entitled ‘Rest In Space’, Islandman’s label debut fuses Turkish Anatolian music with his electronic music template to create an album of hazy Balearic pop with tropical new age flavours.

Istanbul-based Tolga Büyük started his solo Islandman project in 2010 and has already built a name for himself with a slew of self-released EPs & albums. Already a part of Istanbul’s psychedelic scene as a member of live band Farfara, Islandman crafts his style from the rich history of Turkey’s psychedelic rock movement while taking it one step further into his own electronic direction.

The Anatolian tradition of fusing the country’s folk music with western influences to create new sounds has already produced a unique legacy, established by musicians such as Erkin Koray and Baris Manco, and Islandman continues the tradition of using guitar to create the Anatolian sound. Apart from mastering the instrument, Tolga also orchestrates it into a new and different context by re-framing the murky and somewhat dusty Anatolian psychedelic sound with a cool Mediterranean vibe and a very Balearic-friendly production. Islandman’s music is the next step in the progression of Anatolian music.

For his first full length outing on Music For Dreams, the previously released digital single ‘Agit’ is included as well as a remix by Berlin-based M.RUX, toning down the heavy guitar dirge of the original in favour of a more bouncier interpretation.

For the most part, the tracks that make up ‘Rest In Space’ keep a steady pace of around 90-95 bpm and the journey Islandman takes us on across these ten tracks is a rich and ever surprising one, full of quirky turns and mysterious instrumentations.

Opening with ‘Rest In Space’ we are treated to a funky percussion-thick rhythm that lounges into a pool of playful & jazzy horn & flute arrangements. This is followed by the epic ‘Night Wind’, which sweeps across cinematic desert landscapes of synth layers and falls into a dark night time groove reminiscent of Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington’s Darkside project.

‘Seikleos’ centres on a motorik electronic rhythm pattern (not unlike the classic electro-pop moog classic ‘Popcorn’) that develops into a chugging Balearic house jam, topped off by an occasional flute melody and some distant chanting.

The stunning ‘Ikaru’ wades in through chunks of jungle ambiance and watery percussion to lounge along on a rubbery funk bassline, coupled with a heavy laid back beat and wobbly derelict synth figures.

‘Tawhid’ is an odd mix of new wave brilliance and prog momentum that breaks into a cascade of pouring rain and surprising percussion breaks.

While mostly offering instrumental tracks, stand out track ‘Future Days’ brings in a female guest vocalist to complete the album with a breezy full-on groover that echoes of both Sheila Chandra and Tom Tom Club.

As a whole, islandman delivers a delicate buffet of influences – spanning the spectrum from hazy Balearic pop to tropical new age – that flirts to deep spiritual psychedelic jamming.

Music For Dreams is releasing Islandman ‘Rest In Peace’ on Friday 12th January 2018 on digital and stream.

1. Islandman – Agit
2. Rest In Space
3. Ikaru
4. Night Wind
5. The True Word Of The Wind
6. Seikleos
7. Tawhid
8. Future Days
9. Following

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