naBBoo Feat. Misha Miller “Feel You”(Lyric Video)

Producer & Artist naBBoo, will be releasing his 2nd single “Feel You” featuring the talented singer Misha Miller.
In this collaboration you can hear a cool mixture of vintage sounds mixed with modern production, alongside guitars and a catchy “popish” hook.

naBBoo has established himself as Producer & Songwriter working into pop industry whom credits include artists from Warner Music France, Polydor UMG & Sony Music KR (K-Pop).
He produces a variety of styles with the Pop / Dance and other forms of electronic dance music, influenced mostly by Mainstream Pop music.

Signed under NBBO Music Group he’s the producer behind KANITA – Don’t Let Me Go, “Hurt You” with Gon Haziri & Michael O’Kane.
Misha Miller garnered international attention after being featured on Manuel Riva’s latest single – “Sacred Touch”. Recently, she also collaborated with acclaimed producer & DJ Alex Parker for his newest realease – “Fix Your Heart”.

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