Premiere : Gideon – Artifacts Of Ancient Habitation

Today #dubikspremiere is Gideon with Artifacts Of Ancient Habitation,taken form ‘Darkside Of The Sun’LP
On #dubiksmusiccharts TOP 40 Techno Chart #besttracksofthemonth at NR.7

Gideon presents his latest release ‘Darkside Of The Sun’. The purveyor of chill house delves into more intense dance music for this album.

“Welcome To Sun And Rain” eases into the harder tracks to come with buoyant, airy ornaments and space-age synths. From here on out, the album gets a harsher edge, signified immediately by the pounding bass of “Exploring Beta Red” which crescendos into a thickly layered climax. “Citizens Of Native Culture” lightens up a bit with a fast-paced, lightfooted beat throughout, a trend that continues into “Search For Element 5,” this time grounded by a heavy bass. Pulsing percussion leads into a wavelike melody in “Metal Alloyed” with extraterrestrial sounds playing overhead. “Ring Of Saturn” starts out with bright reverberations and sounds like water droplets before launching into a pounding dance beat,the last element which remains after a slow fade out. As in the previous track, “Breaking Chain Of Concept” holds off on the backbeat, building the anticipation for the bass to drop. The atonal riff of “Gideon – Closing In” simulates a similar anticipation which never fully reaches fruition, leaving the listener in a state of constant heightened awareness. “Zero To Nine” raises the mood with an energetic bassline and frantic synths which build to a cacophony before breaking into a tight dance beat. “Artifacts Of Ancient Habitation” finishes off the album in a jazzy style with dissonant chords clashing colorfully against each other in a pattern of grooving syncopation.

With its lively rhythms and dynamic melodies, ‘Gideon Darkside Of The Sun’ is a powerful dance album.

Release Date. January 29th, 2018
01. Welcome To Sun And Rain
02. Exploring Beta Red
03. Citizens Of Native Culture
04. Search For Element 5
05. Metal Alloyed
06. Ring Of Saturn
07. Breaking Chain Of Concept
08. Closing In
09. Zero To Nine
10. Artifacts Of Ancient Habitation
11. Interference At MoonRed (Bonus Track)*

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