Premiere : Sebastian Beus – Blanca

In 2010 Sebastian left Germany for the electronic music mekka of the world – hot, wild and sunny Ibiza.
After years of settling down on the island and getting familiar with the scene, Sebastian decided to go back into the studio.

On his single for FHLR007, right from the beginning, you feel Sebastian’s background. This straight out of Ibiza groove jumps into your legs and occupies your mind. Hypno vox meets arps meet that techno stab which all lead into this emotional break where 90’s drum rhythms remind you of the good times you had … and in the moment you drift off, the groove gets you back on the dancefloor.
Besides to Fehler Musik, Sebastian is also signed to WATS, Circus Rec. and Separat Music and there is a lot of great music to come in the near future!

RELEASE DATE: 23/04/2018