Premiere : Underbooz – Sun

Underbooz’s saga dedicated to the magic number 7 continues.
The second of the seven albums that the Barcelona duo will release this year is titled “Seven Planets”, and is dedicated to the seven non-fixed objects in the classical astronomy visible to the naked eye, from the closest to Earth the furthest: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

The seven classical planets were very important for the ancients, astronomers, astrologists, alchemists, gave them many different meanings, and Underbooz translated them in seven techno tunes, each one with its own character.
We start with “Saturn”, the planet is associated with Lead, and represents learning the hard way, career and longevity, the track is one of the most hard-hitting of the bounce, with a powerful kick and some industrial influences.

RELEASE DATE: 23/03/2018

01. Underbooz – Saturn (Original Mix)
02. Underbooz – Mercury (Original Mix)
03. Underbooz – Jupiter (Original Mix)
04. Underbooz – Moon (Original Mix)
05. Underbooz – Sun (Original Mix)
06. Underbooz – Mars (Original Mix)
07. Underbooz – Venus (Original Mix)

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