See Emika’s Future Music front cover and new documentary video

See Emika’s Future Music front cover and new documentary video

Following several albums of acclaimed electronics, Berlin based producer Emika returned to her classical roots to compose a symphony, Melanfonie. In Future Music’s exclusive print interview and documentary, she details the challenges of stepping out of her comfort zone; from conception through crowdfunding, recording and mixing.

Beats, bass, and heartfelt melodies, all come together on Emika’s DREI. This time released as instrumental tracks, we get to take a closer look at her production and songwriting behind the voice. With heavy weight tracks like “My Heart Bleeds Melody” and the previously synced “Battles”, by ABC’s series How To Get Away With Murder, it’s a massive sounding electronic album in its own right.

Emika also takes a step further in the DJ producer direction with this release as its comes with three vocal acapellas, so anyone wanting to play around with her music can do so with this release too.

Producer, singer, songwriter, DJ, composer; Emika is an artist who defies convention and narrow categorisation. The Anglo-Czech talent was classically trained in her youth, later discovering the limitless world of electronic composition that would provide the yin to her formative yang.


1 Battles (Instrumental)
2 My Heart Bleeds Melody (Instrumental)
3 Miracles Prelude (Instrumental)
4 Miracles (Instrumental)
5 What’s The Cure (Instrumental)
6 Without Expression (Instrumental)
7 Rache (Instrumental)
8 Serious Trouble (Instrumental)
9 Destiny Killer (Instrumental)
10 Battles (A Cappella)
11 My Heart Bleeds Melody (A Cappella)
12 Miracles (A Cappella)