SIS feat. Benjamin Frnkln – The Get Down on Mobilee

SIS feat. Benjamin Frnkln – The Get Down on Mobilee

SIS is up next up on Mobilee with The Get Down feat. Benjamin Frnkln. After Kevin Yost´s recent debut release, SIS is the second new signing on the label since Anja’s departure. Both artists have demonstrated great versatility and continue to impress with state of the art instrumentation and poignant lyrics.

The title track kicks off with an energetic balearic beat, a chanting vocal comes in closely followed by a hard-hitting, and very welcome bassline. Sounds reminiscent of an 80’s sci-fi movie are littered throughout this extended track leading way to a breakdown midway that upholds suspense, making way to a superb agglomeration of pleasing audio.

Track two, The Module, begins with a steady introduction, complete with more space-age sounds, opens up to a spoken word verse about modern technology and “the power of music”. A drum roll makes way to an intensified kick, the vocals continue to inspire as the beat rolls out into yet another superb example of the artist’s ability to turn a cluster of distinct tones into a dancefloor filler.

​ ​Released:​ ​20th​ ​October​ ​2017​ ​
A1​ ​The​ ​Get​ ​Down
A2​ ​The​ ​Module

Following the success of his previous release on Crosstown Rebels, Cocolino Records founder SIS has been busy in the studio most recently producing a mix for the ever popular It’s all about the Music radio show. Benjamin Frnkln, well known for his incredible vocal abilities, most recently featured on Butch’s Highbeams on Hot Creations back in 2013.

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