Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Dreamw41ker – Reminiscence

Reminiscence is the 1st official Dreamw41ker EP. Inspired by his childhood dreams, youthful experiences, and especially by his first love, he created 6 tracks...

Matthew Daniel-“The Collaborations”

Matthew Daniel is a self-taught musician and improviser who studied Music Journalism to help him gain an understanding of the Music Business. He presents...

Marc Hartman – "Changes"

Marc Hartman is a musician and producer living in The Netherlands. After his first album release on Lemongrassmusic in early 2016 he now presents...

Tigerforest – "Songs Of Reverence"

Songs of Reverence is the 6th studio album of German electronica project “Tigerforest” and the first release on Lemongrassmusic. Gunnar Spardel, the man behind Tigerforest,...

Velvet Dreamer – “Remixed”

Velvet Dreamer is trumpet player and music producer Tim Gelo from Berlin, Germany. After the successful release of his first 2 albums on the...

Capa – “Remixed”

Capa is producer Vidar Nord from Norway having released 3 albums during the years 2012-2015. Now he comes up with a remix album derived...

Lemongrass Garden Vol.07

The garden keeps on growing and blooming…. 11 years after label Lemongrassmusic was founded in 2005, the Voss brothers now come up with Volume...

Stream:Five Seasons – “Days In The Sun”

Light up your day with a sonic experience of uplifting loungy tunes, focusing on a beautiful summerish approach. The wonderful musical world of Five...

Listen:Dreamhunter – “Blue Dolphins”

The Brazilian DJ and producer Felippe Camargo is back with the project Dreamhunter to release his second full length album on Lemongrassmusic: “Blue Dolphins”....