Track of the day : Silhouette – Colony

Colony taken from Silhouette’s debut album “Lost In The Circle” on Krmelec Recordings.

Silhouette is a Czech dj and producer based in Prague. His releases found home on Dirty Corner Recordings, Krmelec Recordings and respected local label Endless Illusion. Silhouette is a member of the Nite Vibes crew, which organizes events with artists like Ben Klock, Etapp Kyle, Voiski, Kobosil, Ed Davenport… As a Dj Silhouette focuses on straight banging techno tools, industrial atmospheres and ambient tracks.
The dark atmosphere of Silhouette’s debut album “Lost In The Circle” will take you on a journey through deep space to the exoplanet Kepler-186f. Mission’s objective was to find unknown minerals on the planet, which lead to the discovery of new life forms. The Album is a mixture of ambient, techno and some experimental crossovers between genres.

Listen : album “Lost In The Circle”