UMEK – Quest Chain on FORM Music

UMEK – Quest Chain on FORM Music

Slovenian techno titan UMEK is back with a big new EP on FORM Music. The 1605 Music Therapy label boss and 20+ year veteran is on fine form on both cuts and once again proves why he is one of the driving forces of the global techno scene.

Quest Chain is first and a white knuckle ride through sawtooth bass and slamming kicks. Big hi hats add an icy line up top and the whole thing rumbles on and sweeps you up as it goes. A big breakdown adds drama and when it drops again the roof will surely be blown off.

On the flip, Standard Cold is another tense techno trip with snares bulking to a crescendo and driving drums carrying you away into the darkness. The hunched percussion keeps the groove oiled and the whole thing has a real sense of menacing atmosphere to it.

These are two terrific tracks that will become essential tunes in the months ahead.

Release date:January 29th, 2018
1) Quest Chain
2) Standard Cold

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