Vincenzo Pizzi to release “Ritratto” LP on Pyteca

Vincenzo Pizzi, Young Italian Producer and Sound designer, acknowledged for his noteworthy Live Performances and owner of Pyteca, has announced a new album titled “Ritratto“.

These enthusing 11 tracks conduct into a long ride of diverse music styles, blending together IDM, experimental and techno, without missing the thrilling pinch of romanticism, characteristic of Vincenzo’s melodies.

‘Ouch’ starts off the album. It’s catchy and sticks to your head by repeating the word that gives the track its name. ‘NDR-DESS’ is increasingly progressive and the use of a deep and severe voice adds confidently to the sub kicks and beats. ‘Pater Noster’ starts humbly. The slow gradual addition of strong tempo, leaves us breath taken for a while, still paying attention to all the patterns formed. ‘Assolta’ has this dreamy perpendicular movement about it that softens the album. It continues with ‘Gyna’ which initially remarks this smoothness of the previous track, immediatly proceeding with a powerful staccato that makes us get back on our feet. Think ‘Brucia’ as industrial, the wild solid sounds are burn- ing and the voice tenderly melting away. The super uplifting and stimulating ‘Contratti’ is catchier, endlessly hollowing in your body.

‘Dalia’s’ dreaminess deports you in a robotic element with its rugged and tender sound. ‘4ME’ is groovier, with supple- mentary vocals and new magnetic melodies. You won’t stop moving. The romantic ‘Grigio’ with its practical melancholic sounds succeed in opening your vision while ‘01’ concludes the album with the ‘shortest but sweetest’ take.

Release date 14.03.2018

Vincenzo Pizzi – Ouch
Vincenzo Pizzi – NDR-DESS
Vincenzo Pizzi – Pater Noster
Vincenzo Pizzi – Assolta
Vincenzo Pizzi – Gyna
Vincenzo Pizzi – Brucia
Vincenzo Pizzi – Contratti
Vincenzo Pizzi – Dalia
Vincenzo Pizzi – 4ME
Vincenzo Pizzi – Grigio
Vincenzo Pizzi – 01