Watch : AGE – High Maintenance

Israeli artist-producer Noam Helfer presents the darker and heavier side to his new project AGE, with his second single ‘High Maintenance’.

‘High Maintenance’ is a song that captures the dynamic between habitual impulses and mindful thought process – the eternal inner conflict that controls our movements and actions. The concept is manifested in a mesmerising video that sees black magnetic sand and a Japanese dancer (Takanori Kawaharada) reacting in a way that conveys the two conflicting energy forces. Despite its otherworldly appearance, the effect on screen (shot by Matan Balalty) is completely natural, analog and organic – symbolizing an important essence that runs through all of Noam’s productions. To achieve this, they experimented with powerful speakers and rare earth magnets, capturing the visual display of the pulses being sent through sand and how they translate into kinetic rhythms, shapes and textures.