Watch : “Forever”, new video and single from Asher

Watch : “Forever”, new video and single from Asher

Romanian DJ and record producer Asher releases together with Global Records ”Forever”, a brand new single with a simple yet meaningful message: love is all that matters.

The song is composed and produced by Asher, mix, master, lyrics and melodic line by Stanciu Aser, using a studio voice.

The DJ states that love is definitely the answer: ”The message of the song is that we must believe in love. Love is all that matters. The expected love, the lost love and the found love, these are all stages of living that reach one’s heart. Love is hope. Love can mean eternity when it is lived at its fullest and that’s why the name of this song is a synthesis of this idea.

The DJ wanted to send this powerful message in the video as well, so together with a film maker from Macedonia, Zoran Zonde, created a meaningful story:
It’s often believed that there is a part in every one of us that drives us towards the true values of life. Unfortunately, not everyone takes that path for many reasons. A girl’s spirit, her true-self awakens while her body is in a coma and witnesses her past, her present, together with the rights and wrongs of her life. The spirit’s presence is everywhere praying for her true love to come back in order to continue with a physical life worth living because it is love that keeps the spirit alive forever.

Stanciu Aser, also known as Asher, is a Romanian DJ and record producer. He began studying piano at the age of 7 at the School of Music in Brasov (Romania), where he noted the pleasure to get out of the musical scores with his own compositions. He initially gained worldwide recognition and tens of millions of views with his remixes for tracks such as Carla’s Dreams – „Aripile (Asher Remix”, Ed Sheeran – ”Shape Of You (Asher Remix)”, Luis Fonsi ft. Justin Bieber – Despacito (Asher Remix)” and many more, thus gaining a strong YouTube community support.

He loves to mingle old songs or new vocals with his deep house, tropical house and musical production style and is quickly gaining recognition for producing a new and intuitive style of quality music.

Asher released so far another two original songs, ”Last Night” in collaboration with Pascal Junior and ”Tell Me Why”. He continues to make remixes and get more original tracks ready for release soon.