Yoshinori Hayashi – Uncountable Set on Disco Halal

Yoshinori Hayashi – Uncountable Set on Disco Halal

It’s rare to hear a record which is so out there that it makes so much sense.

Yoshinori Hayashi, a Tokyo-based artist who has been flying under the radar for some years now, creates a peculiar form of organized chaos by abstracting simple elements, travelling between acid-jazz, big beat, house music, African rhythms and celestial moods. It’s the type of record that you could drop the needle on at any given groove and still experience something new, even having heard the track 50 times.

Disco Halal is thrilled to release this beautiful document of music from Yoshinori, having been huge fans since his debut on Going Good Records.

“Uncountable Set” is released January 26th on vinyl and February 9th digitally.

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