Track of the Day : DJ Phonon – Blood

After the positive response from his two releases already this year, DJ Phonon has taken even further action to cement his position as THE up and coming producer to watch. ‘Elements’ is the latest example of his special, personal productions that break genre barriers with ease, and combine all the influences from Phonon’s life.

This EP explores a slightly different sound to ‘Future’ and ‘I Want It All’, the prior releases to this, and takes a darker turn. ‘Blood’ is a minimal, potent and luscious exploration of the darkness in Phonon’s work that is usually much better hidden. ‘Move Through The Shadows’ is a rolling and progressive evocative beauty, with manipulated organic sampling alongside powerful synthesis to create an electronic and acoustic collaboration. The final track ‘We Run The Streets’ is a more upbeat and classic electronic production. Addictive lead synths and primal percussion take charge, with vocal samples being the glue, which transforms the track in to a systematic powerhouse. With three different styles of tracks on one EP, Phonon shows his ability to take influence from all genres and create unique, rich tracks with various timbres and emotions abound.

His progression in these releases, and the speed at which they’ve come about, leaves the listener with a palpable excitement of what is to come next from this music maestro.

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