A collaborative tape project between the Grade 10 collective and Leicester-based photographer Ollie Kirk, ‘TEXTURES’ is a body of work exploring the relationship between the collectives varied sounds and Ollie’s striking visual identity. Comprised of 8 pieces of music and 8 corresponding images, ‘TEXTURES’ is a natural extension of GradeRead More →

British producer is Ross From Friends aka Felix Clary Weatherall the newest signing to Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder family. The 24 year old has a fistful of releases under his belt, the distillation of myriad influences from hip-hop cut ’n’ paste culture, 80s Eurobeat, Hi-NRG and Italo into lithe, irresistible, rawRead More →

London based multi-instrumentalist and producer Harlequiin (aka Rory Simmons) is no stranger to breaking a few barriers and questioning the restraints of musical genres as he breaks away from the herd with the release of his latest single ‘Young One’ out 19th March, submerging into promises of a fiercely strongRead More →

Haulm have released “Stay For Me,” the title-track from their March 30th debut EP. The song follows on the heels of “They Came Along,” “Settle” and “Work For Us,” a series that alternates between downcast R&B and woozy electronic pop. “Stay For Me” comes down perhaps more firmly on theRead More →

25yo Danish London-based sound designer, producer, singer and songwriter. “If” is about forgiveness – it’s the soundtrack for a “transformation” – moving from one state of mind to another – from trapped to freedom! Lyrics: If, if, if, if… If I could let it out if i could set itRead More →