Introducing: MAFRO with new single ‘Bad Enough’

Introducing rising electronic producer MAFRO with his new single ‘Bad Enough’out now via LG105.

A vivid floorfiller with a hooky vocal lead, driving house beat and shimmering steel pans, ‘Bad Enough’ is a rich and immersive journey in dance music as heard through MAFRO’s ears.

Originally written with Connie Constance as part of a writing camp organised to connect Black British music creators, ‘Bad Enough’ is deeply inspired by MAFRO’s multicultural heritage and the diverse sounds heard throughout his childhood home. Growing up in North London with a fun-loving Trinidadian mother and an Irish dad, MAFRO’s home was filled with a blend of steel pan-infused Soca beats, traditional Irish melodies and his older sisters UK Garage and RnB – all of which have influenced this new chapter of music. As one of the few Black or mixed race people in his adolescent circles, MAFRO often struggled to define his identity but is now finding his voice in an increasingly diverse electronic music scene. This fusion of sounds doesn’t always make sense on paper, but it’s exactly this experimentation that excites MAFRO most as a musician and has allowed him to be more confident than ever in expressing his individuality.

Speaking on the track, MAFRO explains:

“Whilst I’ve previously collaborated on tracks with TSHA, Diplo and Aluna, this was the first ‘traditional’ writing session I was going to attend, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. Despite me being the only ‘dance music artist’ in the camp, Connie was up for going down that route and creating a song that was both emotional and uptempo. Creating catchy melodies seemed to come to Connie effortlessly, and we actually managed to finish the demo for the song in one day. When I came back to the demo some months later, I decided to reproduce the whole track with vocals by Natalie Palmer who’s one of many wonderful artists and musicians I have come across over the years. It was important to me that the production on ‘Bad Enough’ would not overshadow Connie’s lyrics and Natalie’s vocals. And whilst there is a real melancholy to the music and the words, the feeling of release in the chorus to me reflects the beauty or acceptance of imperfection.”

MAFRO’s technicolour electronic music strikes the perfect balance between club euphoria and melancholic introspection. The multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter cut his teeth co-writing and co-producing for huge global names including the tear-jerking ‘Killing Me’ with TSHA & AlunaDiplo’s huge breakbeat anthem ‘Let You Go’ as well as working on high level composition projects for British and American Film & TV. Since then, MAFRO has stepped out as a rising star within his own right following the release of his debut EP Bloom earlier this year and is now regarded as one of the most exciting new names in electronic music.

MAFRO Tour Dates

10.08.23 – The Moment (DJ) – Copenhagen, DK
19.08.23 – Field Day (LIVE) – London, UK
23.08.23 – Galvanisers Yard (LIVE) – Glasgow, UK (Supporting Bonobo )
26.08.23 – Lost Village (LIVE) – Lincoln, UK
30.08.23 – Pikes (DJ) – Ibiza, ES (B2B w. TSHA)
27.10.23 – Headrow House (DJ) – Leeds, UK
10.11.23 – Pitchfork Festival (LIVE) – Paris, FR

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Photo Credit: Riya Hollings