747 “Paleo Pt. III” (Aquaregia)( Out July 13)

The third part in the ongoing and excellent Paleo series features two more intriguing tracks from young Vancouver star 747.

DJ and producer 747 hails from Vancouver, Canada, but is currently based in Berlin. He has truly established himself with this series of EPs and continues to impress with each new part. Like his hypnotic DJ sets, his tracks are constantly evolving with a mixture of lush pads, dreamy soundscapes, and the sonically pleasing sound of the 303. Inspired by the sounds of Berlin, Detroit and acid legends, his high-fidelity sounds is tinged with an old-school filing and manages to be uplifting yet melancholic and often feels like a journey with no destination.

This brilliant EP unfolds with the beautifully storytelling deep acid cut ‘Astero Ceras.’ It has lingering pads and gentle, subtle 303 notes hanging in the air above rolling rubber drums. It’s evocative and thoughtful and is inspired by the moon’s pull on the oceans as well as 747’s earlier work, Aurora Centralis.

‘Suture Lines’ is faster and firmer, but just as dream inducing. This time it’s Ammonoids swimming in the pseudo-antigravity of the saline seas which inspires the track with its endless, horizon-less pads and stiff kick drums. The acid again floats about in its own time with soothing, hypnotic effects.

This is an exquisite EP that really takes you deep into an astral world.

Release Date:13-07-2018

1. Astero Ceras
2. Suture Lines

Listen 747 – Paleo Pt. II EP