Premiere: The Microdance – Lovesick Kisses

“Lovesick Kisses is one of, I’d say, four of my songs that are deserving of the tag ‘pop’. I wanted to make something elegant but with just enough bite to ensure it doesn’t come across as saccharine.
And of course, as with all TMD, it had to be definable as a non genre specific song. So, like most of my stuff, it has sprinklings of something else, in this case, the obvious alt rock leanings, hazy
shoegaze and gloopy new wave. It has three choruses, which is not normal for me – so each one has a different second guitar part and there are slight variables in the bass. Speaking of the bass, I was
determined to sound like a bassist and not a guitarist playing bass, so I must have done 50 takes before I had this line down!

I had no initial intention for it to be this way, but ‘Lovesick Kisses’ serves a similar purpose for our upcoming album ‘Our Love noire’ as ‘We meet in Dreams’ did for ‘New Waves of Hope’ – I call them the ‘rib ticklers’, something a little less dramatic before the dark bombast that follows!’ Alex Keevill (frontman & composer)