Listen : Behrouz & Squire – Honey On My Lips EP(Do Not Sit on the Furniture)

The cultured Do Not Sit on the Furniture label is back with a third fantastic EP, this time from label and party boss Behrouz in collaboration with highly rated Spanish artist Squire.

Currently in the midst of a first proper season residency in Ibiza, Do Not Sit is a party and label that takes you on a musical journey. Magical melodies and deep grooves characterise it and are drawn from 20 plus years experience from Behrouz, who is based in Miami but plays all over the world.

Wonderland is first here and is a nine minute opus that will send shivers up your spine. It has lush keys and chords draped over soft, rippling drums and is a classy track for those who like real emotion. Honey On My Lips is a more deep, intimate tune that is cosy and personal and will have the floor falling all over each other as it journeys into a starry night sky.

Painted Walls is the third and final track and another excellent one. It has celestial multi-layered guitar chords ringing out into expansive open spaces as the shuffling drums do subtle, supple dances below.

This is another spell binding EP from one of house music’s most essential new labels.

release date:September 24th, 2018
1. Squire , Behrouz – Wonderland (Original Mix)
2. Squire , Behrouz – Honey On My Lips (Original Mix)
3. Squire , Behrouz – Painted Walls (Original Mix)