Bedstudy Share “s_M00n” Video

Bedstudy has released the video for their new track entitled “s_M00n”
Bedstudy is a trio from Brooklyn making electro RnB & vapor soul out of modular synthesizers, classical guitars, and samples from across the internet. The group was formed in 2016 by producer David Plakon (Wild Child, Roadkill Ghost Choir, You Blew It!) and vocalist Peter Baldwin, with Ranson Vorpahl joining on drums in 2017. Baldwin and Plakon met when Peter was working on his debut album at David’s studio in Florida. After independently moving to Brooklyn, the two reconnected at a Tall Juan show at Berlin Under 2A and decided to start a band. After two years of writing and formulating, in 2018 Bedstudy signed to Grand Jury Music.