Tel Aviv producer Coobe is next up on Unterman (incl. Brioski remix)

At the forefront of Israel’s buzzing electronic landscape, Tel Aviv label Unterman return with their newest release, an EP from Coobe titled “Caravan Sessions”. With their monthly club nights at the city’s beloved Breakfast Club, well known for its booming late nights and memorable afterparties, Unterman never fall short when it comes to introducing eager dancers to the best emerging artists the city has to offer.

The newest discovery of the label founders – brother and sister Middle Sky Moon and Cookie Moon – is 22 year old producer, writer and composer Coobe, a resident of the Alphabet club and one of Tel Aviv’s most promising new faces behind the decks. Growing up in the revitalized electronic scene of the city, Coobe is an obsessive music collector at heart, his crave for new sounds and challenges shining through every word he speaks. As part of the up-and-coming band Shen, Coobe will also be releasing a debut album on Red Axes’ Garzen records next month.

“Caravan Sessions” includes 3 original tracks as well as an exciting remix by Brioski (Boot & Tax). Coobe’s production meanders from dreamy soundscapes to party starting synthy goodness – a neat combo of exotic beats, groovy basslines, deadpan Hebrew vocals and a good snapshot of what’s currently bubbling up in the basements of Tel Aviv.