KMA60 Berlin co-founder Dana Ruh delivers her ‘Still Vause’ EP via Barbara Preisinger’s Slices Of Life imprint this November

Dana Ruh makes a welcome return to the Slices Of Life imprint this November with the ‘Still Vause’ EP, a three-track package from the Berlin-based artist.

As DJ, producer and label owner (Brouquade, Cave Recordings) and co-distribution owner (KMA60), Dana Ruh is one of the driving forces of the Berlin music scene. Beyond her world-renowned DJ skills Dana releases her productions not only on her own labels but also imprints like Underground Quality, Ostgut Ton (in collaboration with André Galuzzi) and RDV, as well as her contribution to 2018’s SOL10 Compilation on Slices Of Life where she returns here for a solo EP. Her productions are defined by a particular hazy and moody touch and one of the main characteristic of Ruh’s sound is the deftly pieced together groove, always containing the right amount of roughness to allow the music to sound alive and organic.

With ‘Still Vause’, Dana Ruh presents three powerful titles from driving and percussive, to funky and stripped down. “My Friendly Fire“ is fuelled by a hypnotic drive and warm sub bass frequencies ebbing and flowing within.

‘Takes Time’ then focuses on energetic, jazz-tinged drums before the bumpy, stripped- back aesthetic of ‘To Convince’ rounds out the project, fusing organic percussion and airy synth swells.

release date: November 15th, 2019
Track List:
1. My Friendly Fire
2. Takes Time
3. To Convince

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