Mr. C – Radical Inclusion Remix EP (incl. Noël Jackson, In.Phrequent, J. Gabriel & Chuffin Buffy Remixes) on Superfreq

Next up for Mr C’s Superfreq is a package of remixes of Radical Inclusion , with fresh new versions from Noël Jackson, In.Phrequent, J. Gabriel & Chuffin Buffy as well as Mr C himself.

The long time tech champion goes first and serves up a deep, driving track filled with spinning hi hats and a rugged bassline that takes you late into the night. Detroit born Dj and “the other half of East LA Tek wit Mr.C, Noël Jackson is next with a version that has perfectly loopy drums getting you in a state of hypnosis while acid lines bring the madness.

In.Phrequent are Willis Haltom and Phillip Charles, both residents at Hawaii’s infamous members – only Asylum Afterhours. Their remix is filled with eerie pads and unsettling sound designs that get you in suspense. The rubbery drums then make your feet move and take you on a real trip. Last of all, NYC Based J. Gabriel & the mysterious Chuffin Buffy come together for their own cosmic rework, with bubbling basslines and filtered vocals all making for a dance floor adventure.

This a fantastic remix package that breathes new vital life into the original.

Release Date: 13th March 2020

1) Radical Inclusion (Mr. C Remix)
2) Radical Inclusion (Noël Jackson Remix)
3) Radical Inclusion (In.Phrequent Remix)
4) Radical Inclusion (J. Gabriel & Chuffin Buffy Remix)