Fireberg makes his debut on Eyedyllic Music with Undoing The Future

New York mainstay Fireberg makes his debut on Eyedyllic Music with Undoing The Future, a diverse EP, strikingly fitting for the dystopian times we find ourselves in. The EP also features an outstanding remix from fast-rising South African talent, FKA Mash.

When asked about the creative process behind the EP, Fireberg described how the EP “involved a solitary journey inward, as well as a deepened relationship with the machines integral to my creation process. Through this, I express my belief that by regaining the present moment, and bringing the imaginary future into an embodied Now, we manifest the path towards rightful living.

This esoteric essence described by the burgeoning artist is felt throughout the EP, which as a whole manages to succeed in its difficult task of juxtaposing stark contrasts between uplifting and ominous moods, weaving a cinematic tapestry of highly introspective music — geared toward an intimate, immersive listening experience.

Aside For The Woke begins proceedings with its haunting vocal invitation to “Kiss your dreams goodbye” intermingled with warm, emotive keys and playful bass notes. FKA Mash’s re-glitch comes next, slowing the tempo and utilizing a subtly moving bassline along with soft, whispering hats. Lone Beholder continues the procession in a gentle fashion, as its heart wrenching vocal line, “And all I loved, I loved alone”, creates a wonderfully light and somber tincture of holistic aural medicine when melded with the song’s contemplative and cleverly formulated musical arrangement. The title cut, Undoing The Future rounds things off in slightly more optimistic fashion, as the track picks up the tempo with punchy kicks and pulsing melodies, providing the most club-ready offering on the EP. As the track’s vocal implies, “The beat goes on”… for all of humanity.

release date:August 14th, 2020

1. Fireberg – Aside For The Woke (Original Mix)
2. Fireberg – Aside For The Woke (FKA Mash Re-Glitch)
3. Fireberg – Lone Beholder
4. Fireberg – Undoing the Future

Based out of New York’s thriving Brooklyn district, Dan Berg aka Fireberg is an electronic musician in the truest sense of the term. Frequently using hardware as the basis of his productions, he has already produced several self-released works. FKA Mash is one of South Africa’s fastest-growing DJs and producers, with an impressive release on Get Physical Music already under his belt, and regular output on Stay True Sounds. Based out of New York and Ibiza, Kev Obrien and Mik Santoro’s Eyedyllic Music continues to go from strength to strength, focusing largely on contemplative music. The imprint recently welcomed one of microhouse’s best-loved talents in Akufen, in addition to well-loved deep house stalwarts such as Vincenzo, Kevin Yost, and many others.