Belters Only & Jazzy’s Summer Anthem ‘Make Me Feel Good’ Takes On Viral Status for 2022

Since going viral on New Year’s Eve across TikTok and streaming platforms, Belters Only’s first single ‘Make Me Feel Good’ feat. Jazzy has already started its ascent in dominating our soundwaves for the foreseeable, and is rapidly rising through the charts with no plans of slowing down.

The first single released under the Dublin-hailing ‘Belter’s Only’ collective, which includes famed Irish DJ and producer, Bissett, and producer RobbieG, was initially released in the summer of 2021, and the sleeper hit has been given a new lease of life having taken over both the streaming and social networking spaces. After the original sound was added to TikTok in early December, the track took off later in the month after being embraced by influencers, such as Lucinda from Love Island who posted a video with the song to her 650K followers, and TikTok-ers who used the sound to start a trend in the female ‘glow up’ creative which is popular on the app – in total, the top 5 videos using this sound accumulated an impressive 2.5M views, over 13K creations (and counting) and boasts 13M+ global views within the past 6 days.

The single maintains its popularity in the world of music streaming, reaching the 1.5M+ streams milestone on Spotify, as well as debuting on their native Irish Spotify Top 50 chart and currently sitting at #102 on Spotify’s UK charts (after leaping an impressive 55 places). On other platforms it debuted on the Amazon Music chart at #183 and climbed 20 places this week to hit #70 on Apple Music’s charts.
With more to come, 2022 is set to kick off an incredible year for the collective with an influx of new fans and supports for the collective.

Listen to Belters Only & Jazzy’s ‘Make Me Feel Good’ via DanceUP playlist