Tracks of the Week: Melodic Journey 24(ConnectFM)

The latest episode of ConnectFM Tracks of the Week Melodic Journey 24 is available now via Soundcloud, Mixcloud & Spotify

Feat. new Tracks and Remixes from:
Morgen Wurde, Rico Friebe, Agents Of Time, Katrin Souza, Ruben Karapetyan, Inessa, Haddadi Von Engst, Johannes Klingebiel, Fahlberg, Cisco De Sol, Horizons, Christopher K, Eloy Gonzalez, Rick Sanders, Local Suicide, Skelesys, Franc Fala, Sacha Harland, Johanson, Daniel Bruns, AXXE, Boys’ Shorts, Geoffrey Murdock, Giorgio Leone (IT), Nerepla, Amotik, Teenage Mutants, Till Antonio, Stil & Bense

Radio Mix as Played on ConnectFM, the non-vocal version
Selected & Presented by Doogie

Rico Friebe – Amber To See [Time In The Special Practice of Relativity]
Katrin Souza – Illusion of love (Techno Phobia Remix) [HOROSHO.]
Morgen Wurde & Tis ft. Maria Estrella – Geweiht [Werra Foxma Rec]

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Ruben Karapetyan – Sooner or Later (Original Mix) [Movement Recordings]
Inessa – Electric Hibiscus [Leisure Music Productions]
Haddadi Von Engst, Johannes Klingebiel – Bite Your Teeth (Johannes Klingebiel Remix)[You Plus One]
Fahlberg – Crossroads [No One Around]
Cisco De Sol – Gatsheni [My Other Side of The Moon]
Horizons – Die Berliner Hymne (Christopher K Remix) [Landscapes]
Eloy Gonzalez – Inner Voice (Rick Sanders Remix) [Smiley Fingers]
Karol Colomb – Brando [Leisure Music Productions]
Local Suicide, Skelesys – No Evidence (Original Version) [Samo Records]
Franc Fala, Sacha Harland – Azure Rain (Original Mix) [Sequence Music]
Boys’ Shorts – New Era (Luca dell’Orso Remix) [Iptamenos Discos]
AXXE – That’s Enough 4 Now (Dim Zach Remix) [Emerald & Doreen Rec.]
Agents Of Time – The Mirage [Afterlife]
Daniel Bruns – Voices Of The Dawn (Original Mix) [Enchant Audio]
Stil & Bense, Johanson – Breathless [Poesie Musik]

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Geoffrey Murdock – Left Behind (Extended Mix) [No Neon]
Giorgio Leone (IT) – Step Away [Frequenza]
Nerepla – Up & Down [Airlines Records]
Teenage Mutants – Just Rave [Filth on Acid]
Amotik – Tiresa [Amotik]
Till Antonio – Dreaming of the Sunrise (Original Mix) [Tanzgemeinschaft]

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Cover: Marek Piwnicki

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