Futuristic 20 (Future Sounds)

The latest episode of Futuristic 20 (Future Sounds by Doogie)is available now to stream via Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and Spotify.

This episode features new Tracks and Remixes from:

UNKLE, Laurent Garnier, Impérieux, Quentin Hiatus, upsammy, JohannesK, Leaving Laurel, Olivier Abbeloos, Luca Vera, Martin Kohlstedt, Gacha Bakradze, HenryGreenleaf, GRDN., Unity Vega, WDDS, Non Solo, Phil Moffa, Alredna, Ikawa, Blank Patrick, Detroit’s Filthiest, Boombass, Pangaea, Jubilee, Manni Dee, Yunna, RRUCCULLA, Alex Wilcox, Abstract Elements, Pentland Park, HK Sage, Unknown Artist, Fred Mann, Erwan Sene, Jaise and Modal

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UNKLE – Instability Closer Than You Will Ever Be (Impérieux Remix)[Songs For The Def]
Leaving Laurel – one last thing you never said [Anjunadeep]
Luca Vera – Forth [Spazio Tempo]
Martin Kohlstedt – MOD [Edition Kohlstedt]
Gacha Bakradze – Form [Oathcreations]
Henry Greenleaf – From Window to Wall[YUKU]
GRDN. – Harpen [With Bells Records]

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Unity Vega – Under the Gun [Unity Vega]
WDDS – Tokyo 2047 [Hectare Discs Recordings]
Non Solo – Tandav
Phil Moffa – Rolling Boil (Alredna Remix)[Love Injection]
Ikawa – Dance [YUKU]
Blank Patrick – Serif Soaked [SLG International]
Detroit’s Filthiest – Only God Forgives [Motor City Electro Company]
Boombass – PPPARADISE (Extended Version) [Lovesupreme]
Pangaea – Installation [Hessle Audio]
Jubilee – DELETE [Magic City]
Manni Dee – Pillow Princess feat. ANGEL BBY [Manni Dee]
Olivier Abbeloos – Find Myself [iG Recording]
Yunna – Sea [Worst Behavior Recs]
RRUCCULLA – Zeru Freq. [Lapsus Records]
Laurent Garnier – Sado miso [COD3 QR]
Alex Wilcox – Marzahn [UFO Inc.]
Abstract Elements – Stickjaw [Microfunk Music]
Jaise and Modal – Into The Cards [Rebel Music]

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Pentland Park – 6am Again [Everything Will Be OK]
HK Sage – Arc [Celsius Recordings]
Unknown Artist – The Cusp
Quentin Hiatus – Ethio [Free Love Digi]
upsammy – Green Lung [PAN]
JohannesK – Mosquitos [LowEnd]
Fred Mann – Abundance [Counterchange]
Erwan Sene – Black Out Bar[PAN]

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Cover: Michael Dziedzic