Azmari are back with “Sheep Party”, a first teaser from new album ‘Maelström’

Founded in the vibrant musical haven of Brussels in 2015, Azmari have been crafting a truly unique tapestry of musical exploration. Melding intricate jazz textures with intoxicating oriental influencesmesmerizing ethio groovesenigmatic dark funk, and the pulsating beats of dub musicAzmari defies conventional labels to weave a narrative of sonic innovation and artistic liberation. Influences range from an eclectic array of artists, including Okay Temiz, Heliocentrics, Whitefield Brothers, Surprise Chef, Antibalas, and Sons of Kemet.

For their upcoming album ‘Maelström,’ Azmari joined forces with the illustrious sound engineer and producer, Frederik Segers.

The result? An elevated soundscape that seamlessly integrates traditional instruments with a symphony of balanced pedal effects and enchanting amplification. The outcome is nothing short of groundbreaking – a revolutionary ‘Azmarian’ sound that blurs the lines between genres and ushers in a new era of musical ecstasy.

Get ready to strut your stuff as the album’s first teaser is now unveiled to the world. This funky, rhythmic banger captures the essence of Azmari‘s creative process, its genesis taking place during a residency which led to the birth of a musical hybrid that celebrates unity and diversity – the mesmerizing “Sheep Party.”

Azmari have created not just a song, but an experience that transcends space and time, inviting you to join the party and dance to the beat of innovation.

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Photo Credit: Monday Jr

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