DJ 3000 is back with “Immigrant Son” EP

Techno maestro DJ 3000 is back with a fresh new release, the “Immigrant Son” EP, following the success of his recent “Work In Progress” EP. Set to captivate listeners once again, DJ 3000 infuses this latest project with deep familial ties and cultural heritage.

“Immigrant Son” is a heartfelt celebration of family and deep-rooted traditions. The track “Gëzuar,” meaning “Cheers” in Albanian, blends traditional Albanian rhythms with the soulful essence of Detroit techno, creating a unique and compelling soundscape. Another standout track, “Kanuni (Traditë Mix),” draws inspiration from the Code of Lekë Dukagjini, further enriching the EP with historical and cultural depth.

Adding a layer of intrigue, “Part Time Prophet” invites listeners to interpret its meaning, showcasing DJ 3000’s ability to provoke thought and emotion through his music.

Since his first vinyl pressing in 2002, DJ 3000 has continued to push boundaries and explore new sounds. With six vinyl records released in less than a year, he shows no signs of slowing down. Committed to the art of vinyl, DJ 3000 continues to DJ exclusively with vinyl records, preserving the authentic and tactile experience of music.

Artist: DJ 3000
Title: Immigrant Son
Label: Motech
Cat: MT175
Format: 12inch
Release Date: July 17, 2024
Track List:

A1. Gëzuar
B1: Kanuni (Traditë Mix)
B2: Part Time Prophet

Pre-order new 12” vinyl , “Immigrant Son,” available in a limited edition red vinyl. Only 50 copies are available exclusively on Bandcamp.

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