Premiere: PRZ – Miss You [Cultivated Electronics]

PRZ comes to Sync 24’s Cultivated Electronics with his first double album “Lost Art”.

In the ever-evolving realm of electronic music, where sonic innovation is the currency, PRZ (Gal Perez) emerges as a luminary, crafting sonic landscapes with a distinct style that blends intricate rhythms, ethereal melodies and pulsating beats. As a producer, DJ, co-founder of the Chateau Royal label and Pluto Junkies member, PRZ has spent the last decade shaping his sound and releasing tracks on some of dance music’s most respected labels including Clone West Coast Series and Hilltown Disco.

With a boundless imagination and unwavering commitment to sonic exploration, his “Lost Art” release is a fully-formed album rather than just a collection of tracks, opening with the atmospheric intro of “Introvert”, before the playful sonic antics of tracks like “Lazerton”, “Lost Art” and “Voice Over”. Other tracks bring pure Electro darkness like “Velocity Shift” alongside the ElectroTechno of “Time To Decide”, the EBM-esque “Azaya” or the retro funk of “Back From 89” – all primed for dance floors, before closing on the melancholy “Miss You”.

PRZ – Lost Art
Track Listing:

A1. Introvert
A2. Lazerton
A3. Time To Decide
B1. Azaya
B2. Velocity Shift
C1. Lost Art
C2. Back From 89
D1. Voice Over
D2. Miss You

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