Thursday, February 9, 2023
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Premiere: minor INVENTION (Jon Dixon) – Porto Mornings[4EVR 4WRD]

Porto Mornings is taken from minor INVENTION (a.k.a. Jon Dixon) "Musicality" EP, out 06 February on 4EVR 4WRD Music can be defined in numerous ways...

Premiere: David Asko – Strange dream [A-TRACTION records]

"Strange dream" is taken from David Asko 's "Dream" EP, out 20 January on A-TRACTION records. A-TRACTION records starts the year with one of its...

Premiere: DAS – Unwavering Issues [Unterwelt]

Unwavering Issues is taken from Das S/T EP, out 28 December on Unterwelt We know that all problems have a solution, but there are problems...

Premiere: Electric Rescue & Matho – Burned Lands [Skryptöm]

Electric Rescue & Matho 's "Burned Lands" is taken from 15 Years - Part Two EP, out 16 December on Skryptöm Skryptöm celebrates 15 years...

Premiere: Obseth – Good Vibes [Kusiya Records]

Good Vibes is taken from Obseth 's new album "A New Future Is Coming" out 11th December on Kusiya Records ''Obseth is the new project...

Premiere: Gregi – Arp Hit Me Hard [Kusiya Records]

Arp Hit Me Hard is taken from Gregi 's new album "Endless Groove" out 01 December on Kusiya Records https://soundcloud.com/dubiks/premiere-gregi-arp-hit-me-hard-kusiya-records https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDkDSzjeF3E Stay tuned at Techno Trip Tracks...

Premiere: Gonzalo Mia – Apathy [Blumoog Music]

Apathy is taken from Gonzalo Mia's Leave Behind EP, out 18th November on Blumoog Music "Stroboscopic", "Apathy" Set the pace for this release, these two...

Premiere: John Sense – Glass Quest [KRZM Records]

Glass Quest is taken from John Sense's new LP "Liquid Bravery" out 18 November on KRZM Records John Sense is back on KRZM Records to...

Premiere: Urquiaga – Human Experience [Kusiya Records]

Human Experience is taken from Urquiaga 's new LP S/T, out 11 November on Kusiya Records https://soundcloud.com/dubiks/premiere-urquiaga-human-experience-kusiya-records https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYug4-l8jZM Stay tuned at Techno Trip Tracks of the Week...

Premiere: Allpa Puruma – Eterno Capicua [Diffuse Reality Records]

Eterno Capicua is taken from Allpa Puruma 's new LP "Si La Luna Bajara" out 08 November Diffuse Reality Records https://soundcloud.com/dubiks/premiere-allpa-puruma-eterno-capicua-diffuse-reality-records https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37_iPvdPgRo&feature=youtu.be Stay tuned at Techno Trip...