Premiere : FLOD – Relieve

Taken from Frabon Recordings V. A. Sonar
Sonar 2018 is approaching fast, and FRABON Recordings is ready to fly toward Barcelona.
For this year’s conference, the Italian labels presents a VA compilation with a plethora of great artists from all over the world:
Andre Salmon, De La Maso, FLOD, Sandro Beninati, Oscar Barila, Mata Jones, Antony PL, Alex Gori, Hassio (COL), Tony Romanello, Andrea Falsone, Alessio Dieffe and Josè Corradengo.
The album ranges from tech house to house, with occasional swoops into a more melodic techno sound.

Release Date:June 14th, 2018
01. Andre Salmon – I Need You Izzu (Original Mix)
02. De La Maso – Groove Spring (Original Mix)
03. FLOD – Relieve (Original Mix)
04. Sandro Beninati – Niger (Original Mix)
05. Oscar Barila – Biohazard (Original Mix)
06. Mata Jones – La Samba De Abdulu (Original Mix)
07. Antony PL – Back To The Roots (Original Mix)
08. Alex Gori – House Drop (Original Mix)
09. Hassio (COL) – Every Body (Original Mix)
10. Tony Romanello – Retouch (Original Mix)
11. Andrea Falsone – Break It (Original Mix)
12. Alessio Dieffe – Morning Bro (Original Mix)
13. Josè Corradengo – Gulve (Original Mix)

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