Track of the Day : Lemongrass – Get It All – 100 (feat. Lina Loi)

Music can unite us in peace and respect for each other, reminding us that we are all colourful individual expressions of a coherent whole. That is the visionary approach and message, Lemongrass is celebrating with its new album release “Unite”. As an endearing invitation into a luminous, light-hearted world, we get taken on a captivating journey through the landscapes of vibrant emotional euphoria and sun-flooded vibes.

Light as a feather “Unite” brims with ultra-cool, typical Lemongrass songwriting, always with the right timing for the “Laissez faire” formula. The beats are superbly loose, as we got used to over the 22 years of Lemongrass music history.
Underpinned with the competence of top-class singers Jane Maximova (“I miss you”) and Karen Gibson Roc (“Live for love”), finest female vocal power enriches the album. Not to forget R&B singer Lina from California, giving a breathtaking debut on “Get it all – 100” and “I love”. Lemongrass, born Roland Voss, is one of the most dynamic forces in Lounge and Chillout music today, being also a member of Weathertunes and Jasmon, and the founder of Lemongrassmusic. With “Unite”Lemongrass bestows us with a superbly playful record. Casually wrapped up 16 tracks, that orbit around the spirit of a glorious summer day – full of light and positivity.