Sebastian Mullaert launches live acts only event series, concept and record label ‘Circle Of Live’

Circle Of Live is a brand new, live acts only, event series concept and a record label curated by Sebastian Mullaert, honouring the values of spontaneity and improvisation.

Launching at Freerotation Festival in July 2018, Circle Of Live will see an expertly curated collective of today’s most illustrious electronic live artists traverse the creme de la creme of Europe’s nightlife venues.

Each live experience will be unhindered from any formal structure, allowing both performers and audience to explore the boundaries of improvisation in all of its raw beauty. Those extended all night long freeform improvised jam sessions will comprise of both collaborative and solo performances, with no set times decided in advance, allowing both audience and performers to stay curious and be fully present in the moment.

Confirmed artists so far are: Âme (Live), Aurora Halal, Dorisburg, Eitan Reiter, Johanna Knutsson, Leafar Legov, Ljudbilden & Piloten, Mathew Jonson, Neel, Sebastian Mullaert, Steevio & Suzybee, The Mole, Tobias.

For the official launch at this year’s Freerotation festival, Sebastian will be joined by Dorisburg, Johanna Knutsson, Mathew Jonson and Steevio & Suzybee. The artists will take control of the ‘Kith‘ stage from open till close, for an instinctive and extended performance. Using Sebastian’s specially designed live setup which can accommodate any number of participants performing all at once, the artists are encouraged to collaborate as much or as little as they like, forging a truly organic experience for all involved.

An initial tour spanning 11 of Europe’s best venues will allow Sebastian to present Circle of Live alongside an extensive list of exciting artists to an international audience. Confirmed venues for the initial tour below and more to follow shortly.

For the accompanying record label of the same name, selected cuts from the associated artists will be released as EP series, consolidating a snapshot into the weird and wonderful manifestations of collaborative live performances. More will be revealed soon about the first release, which started as an improvised live jam and was finally recorded in the middle of the desert above the Dead Sea. Pre-order exclusively via

The main intention with Circle of Live is to inspire people to improvise; let their life be an improvisation; a spontaneous expression of life. In one perspective this is a concept with clear visions and definitions but at the same time the core aim of the project is to allow both us, the artists, and the audience to drop concepts and habitual patterns in the creative process of dance and music.
– Sebastian Mullaert

Jul 8th Freerotation Festival Wales, UK
Oct 5th The Block Tel Aviv, IL
Oct 19th LUX Lisbon, PT
Oct 27th Inkonst Malmo, SE
Nov 2nd Concrete Paris, FR
Nov 24th Nitsa Barcelona, ES
Dec 14th Shelter Amsterdam, NL
Dec 20th Funkhaus Berlin, DE
Jan 11th Blitz Munich, DE
Jan 26th Fuse Brussels, BE
Feb 2nd Village Underground London, UK