Cherry – Need You (Poesie Musik) out August 31st

Ukrainian newcomer Cherry busts out a three track EP for Poesie, ‘Need You’, including a remix from Kostakis.
The title track breathes a heavy atmosphere punctuated by a driven percussion and rattling kicks. “I need to be with you” rings out through the forest of percussion and melody, giving the track a bright sunny feel. The Kostakis remix strips the track down before rebuilding it with a tech-house-y rumble while slowly dripping on acid nuances. A beautiful reimagining of the original mix with its own character and appeal. Finally we come the other original on the EP, ‘Tina’. Tina comes straight on, with an even heavier drive and a darker ambience that eventually opens up to reveal a fantastic summery warmth. This one crosses easily into techno-territory without going full-techno, playing between genre lines and erasing them in some cases entirely.