Premiere : Figu Ds ft. Tim Jackman – Quantum Gravity

EUN Records introduces “Psyche LP”, Figu Ds’ second album. With a very eclectic selection of sounds, it marks a milestone in the artist’s professional and personal life, who reaches his 35 with almost 18 years of them working in the music industry, and he decided to make a statement from it.

“Psyche LP” contains seven tracks ranging from electronica to techno, with occasional swoops into more drone / ambient soundscapes, and is enriched by the collaborations with Tim Jackman and Thøth, giving their contribution to “Quantum Gravity” and “String Field”.
Each track is designed and built to reflect a state and a process of self-discovery, a journey that took years to reach for Figu Ds. Some while ago his Major Arcana revealed him that on day he would have appreciated what he’ve been passed until today.

Figu Ds dedicates the album to his partner in life Quokkina and his Berliner Family.
Out now on the digital stores.

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