Beroshima “Encounter EP” (Muller Records)

Berlin based techno titan Frank Muller adopts his Beroshima alias for a new four track EP that is already been hailed by the likes of Marcel Dettman and Laurent Garnier.

First emerging in the nineties, Muller has since become a techno great who has played from Asia to South America and beyond. He’s had plenty of underground hits on the likes of Cocoon and Soma, and held some key residencies over the years. Always one to command your attention with his multi layered grooves, this EP features an old Juan Atkins sample “Buy some shit from Detroit” that has been part of Beroshima’s live sets for years.

Excellent opener ‘Encounter’ reflects a recent idea Jeff Mills and Muller had to produce tracks together for a not yet produced sci-fi movie. It is an eight-minute astral techno trip with smooth, driving drums and plenty of intergalactic synth lines. ‘The Passion of Lovers’ transfers the organic Beroshima style into 2018 and shows off Frank’s passion for spaced out electronica. It’s a brilliantly bumping cut with lithe synths and melodies adding that soul and colour as it races through the galaxies.

The iconic ‘Buy Some’ with the Atkins sample then surges into the future with icy hi hats dancing over rubbery drums. The warped synths take the lead and bring a real sense of off kilter energy to this most timeless bit of techno. Last of all is the fantastic Space Mix of ‘Encounter’ which is dreamy and cinematic with exquisite keys and pads colouring in a huge night sky as the drums drive things along.

This is an archetypal techno EP filled with cosmic colours and serene emotions.

Release Date:10-10-2018

2.The Passion of Lovers
3. Buy Some …
4. Encounter (Space Mix)