Vinyl Speed Adjust return to Visionquest/Hear “Back And Forth” EP

Four tracks of the Crystal Structure/VSA bossmen’s signatur grooves, ‘Back & Forth’ builds on the introspective motion and reputation of their previous Visionquest EPs ‘Retro’ and ‘Carpe Diem’: ‘Off & On’ is a tight weave of heavy atmospheres and swelling basslines, ‘Blue Notes’ takes us up a gear thanks to a bassline that bumps with authority and a maze of rhythmic layers.

Deeper again we hit two more mystic moments: ‘Noek’ is deep, direct and driving while ‘Late Shuffle’ flips the coin for a smouldering farewell. Like all Vinyl Speed Adjust EPs it leaves you wanting more.

Release Date : 07/09/18 (v) – 12/10/18 (d)

A1. On and Off
A2. Blue Notes
B1. Noek
B2. Late Shuffle