Asem Shama & Rosa Luxemburg – Lust (Sportclub)

Asem Shama & Rosa Luxemburg – Lust
It was a random Tuesday night when Rosa Luxemburg and Asem Shama met at the bar of infamous Berlin club Watergate next to a bouquet of white lilies. At that point, neither of them knew that their random encounter was the cornerstone of an extraordinary collaboration. As soon as they found out about their shared passion for music and art they decided to go to Asem’s studio to merge their talents.

Asem brought his 25 years of musical expertise with a portfolio of over 100 releases spanning from the hit single „Flash“ (2003) he crafted with Axel Bartsch as „Vanguard“ to his recent output on labels like „Stil vor Talent“ and Maxim Dark’s „Dense Audio“. Rosa contributed her intriguing voice and distinctive taste emerging from her sophisticated DJ sets from over 14 years.

After nearly one year in the studio they present an EP which widens the borders of contemporary club music. The title track „Lust“ stretches the bow from 90ties sexiness to 2019 straight forward techno groove, ensnaring another wave of acid looming up at the horizon.

The listener can virtually feel the lust boiling up while the track is developing. „Us“ comes across even more energetic with the stethoscope put right on the pulse of Berghainesque freshness. „Zoo“ rounds off the package with a nearly grotesque tech-housy treat inspired by an intoxicated enfant terrible (guess who!). Definitely not to be missed!

Release Date: 25th January 2019

1) Lust
2) Us
3) Zoo