Newman – Tears of Rain EP on Lee Burridge new label TRYBESof

Lee Burridge is one of dance music’s most vital and long reigning artists, and this year launches a brand-new label entitled TRYBESof. The All Day I Dream boss unveils the new imprint with an EP from Newman that sets a fantastically high benchmark.

Lee Burridge has remained at the forefront of underground house and techno for decades. Most recently his melancholic & melodic All Day I Dream label and events brand have brought real emotion back to the dance floors of the world, building up an ever expanding following who buy into its beautiful ethos.

TRYBESof takes onboard everything All Day I Dream has created as its inspiration. Setting its intention on community building, its aim is to reach out across the world and gather together likeminded souls who resonate to the same beat. Inspiring those who both play and create the music as well as those who dance to it, to form new and connected communities, united as well as filtered by music, creativity and friendship. The label is only the first step in achieving this goal. Will you choose to lead a TRYBE or will you follow another or others? The choice is yours.

American artist Newman serves up a very special EP for release number one with his own unique house sound that is emotive, complex, layered, introspective and mature. Already releasing hugely successful EP’s on All Day I Dream and Tale & Tone he is the perfect person to kick off this new label.

Superbly seductive opener ‘After The Storm’ is a soul soothing house roller, with languid chords and the sort of blissfully cathartic drums that encourage all stresses and strains to drain from your mind and body.

Excellent cut ‘After the Rain’ is another track that sinks you deep into the groove, with elastic drums and soft synths all layering up into something that oozes emotion: the chords are hugely resonant and the exotic vocals at the break down only deepen your meditative state.

Last but not least is ‘The Stars In Your Eyes’ which is as dreamy and cuddly as it sounds. Balmy pads loop round perfect inviting mid-tempo drums and things build towards a celestial high point, when twinkling keys break through the clouds and the track rolls again with a real sense of purpose.

With this EP Newman offers up the perfect opener for this most promising of labels.

Release Date:15-02-2019

1. After The Storm
2. Tears Of Rain
3. The Stars In Your Eyes