Plastic Mermaids reveal new single video ‘Floating in a Vacuum’ and announce debut album ‘Suddenly Everyone Explodes’

Plastic Mermaids are a five-piece band from the Isle of Wight who, after building their own analogue studio, have self-produced one of the most genuinely original and sonically adventurous debut albums you’ll hear all year: ‘Suddenly Everyone Explodes’ to be released on May 24th 2019.

The video for ‘Floating In A Vacuum’ features spacemen on skateboards and aliens firing off streamers. Entirely conceptualised and produced by the band and remains true to their creative form. In the band’s own words,
The concept for shooting the film came pretty quickly; relating to the song and how it might be to float into space away from earths troubles. And then of course there had to be aliens. And the following story board which lead us into shooting the difficult, funny and at times pretty sketchy scenes.

The lyrics “every time that we fall it hurts even longer” ran true every time Doug and Jamie came off their skateboards at 20mph. Flaming asteroids being flung into your face protected by a £2 amazon space helmet. And nitrogen powered streamers being fired at you point blank (not always on purpose).
Oh, and when we almost burnt through that street light power cable.

In terms of musical influences, fans of The Flaming Lips, Arcade Fire, Sparklehorse and Tame Impala will all find something to love in Plastic Mermaids’ richly-textured sound. The Flaming Lips’ influence is also evident in their ecstatic live show, which has manifested itself in a sparkly-gold-cape-clad choir, who have recently accompanied Plastic Mermaids on tour, and Patricia; a mannequin covered in mirror ball tiles who is often suspended above their stage set.

You can catch Plastic Mermaids live at the following dates:
London @ The Lexington- 13th March 2019
Brighton @ Prince Albert- 14th March 2019
Portsmouth @ Square Tower- 15th March 2019
Southampton @ Joiners- 16th March 2019