Amberoom – Jazire EP incl. remix by isolée on TAU

A few months in and TAU, the label helmed by Adana Twins, is in the groove. Launched in August 2018, the outlet has given the Hamburg duo a chance to flex their A&R muscles, curating releases that showcase more established artists alongside up and coming talents, while allowing them to fully explore their own tastes.

TAU004 shines a light on Amberoom, a German trio comprised Manuel Tur, Adrian Hoffmann and Ramin Nouyan. The three men produce wonderfully warm, soulful, nourishing compositions which have already court favour with the Innervisions crew – their killer track ‘Kastell’ released on the much-respected ‘Secret Weapons 11’ compilation, and Dixon added his own “Retouch”. Veteran producer isolée steps up for remix duties on this one, too, making this an essential three-tracker.

The EP kicks off with ‘Tulu’ a stirring cut punctuated by a wistful male vocal complemented by a harmonious, yet sombre low end. Delicate twinkles and emotive strings add depth as the track tugs on your heartstrings. This is a lush, measured composition with excellent programming on
its organic-sounding drums and a contemplative atmosphere throughout.

Next up is the title track, ‘Jazire’, which picks up the pace immediately. A contagious 4×4 beat forms the foundation of this rousing number, which builds steadily into a cacophony of tribal-esque effects; shakers reverberating next to mysterious sounds that echo in and out of the background. A melancholy melody gives this track extra emotional density, while the tension builds and subsides intermittently and the beat keeps those hips moving.

Lastly, isolée’s reinterpretation of the title track utilises a more traditional house motif,
mphasising the shadowy atmospherics and injecting a more insistent beat. As the 4×4 rhythm pumps along, he adds clicks and skipping toms – pushing the energy levels up a notch. A dark, eerie tone
pervades and isolée retains the sorrowful refrain from the original to complement his dour synth riff.

Adana Twins keep the standards high as TAU continues to impress with another exemplary release…