Listen : Kristian Heikkila’s new album Neo Romantik Reflektions on Konstruktion

The album Neo Romantik Reflektions is the third release from Kristian Heikkila‘s label Konstruktion. With hefty punches, driven darkness mixed with stabs, synths and light, the album reflects the past two years’ productions with inspiration from life events, clubs, analogue synthesizers, guilty pleasures, melodies, friendships and love for music. Songs like ‘Everything I See’, ‘Evolution’, ‘Warrior’ and ‘Akronym’ show the broad spectra of styles he masters from the beginning of a night until the darkest hours on a dance floor, without losing the focus throughout the album. Last year Kristian Heikkila had some fruitful releases and the latest release ‘Interpol’ in October 2018 has had about half a million listens on Spotify so far.