Foby launches Blessed Cross Records

Italy’s Foby launches his Blessed Cross Records with two blissful tracks entitled ‘Twisted Minds’ EP.

Following releases on OGU, Motibus and Overexposed Records, Foby returns for this second release in 2019 on his new Blessed Cross Records imprint. Taken under the wing of mentor and label co-founder Giangi Cappai, Foby’s focus on delivering delicate melodies to create a mesmerising ambience with intricate creativity takes inspiration from the depths of deep and progressive house music from all over the world. The launch of this label begins a new chapter in the musical journey for Foby and label owner Giangi Cappai.

‘Twisted Minds’ kicks things off with emotive melodies, alleviating sound design and angelic pads before ‘Abandoned Planet’ rounds things off with spiralling chord progression, euphoric stabs and graceful percussion together creating a euphonious atmosphere.

Foby ‘Twisted Minds’ EP drops on Blessed Cross Records on 20th May 2019.

1. Twisted Minds
2. Abandoned Planet

Listen Foby’s Joana