Premiere : An On Bast – Cloudscapes (Modularfield)

Giving the listener a sneaky glimpse into the her forthcoming album ‘Coherent Excitations’ An On Bast teases us with ‘Cloudscape’, a futuristic, wavering synth led track combining buzzing bass lines with marching rhythms. Crescendos build on reverberated oscillations whilst maintaining the theme soon to be displayed within her next full length revolving around the concepts of joy, delight, harmony and gratefulness. Playing outside the confines of regular melodic evolutions, Cloudscape encapsulates the notions of digital evolution referencing the almost organic essence that has created them.

An On Bast is the moniker of electronic music producer and composer Anna Suda from Wrocław, Poland. Her largely improvised concerts, utilising hardware instruments, hop between melodic techno, experimental and ambient genres.

2006 marked the beginning of Anna’s illustrious career when her debut album was published and she was subsequently selected from thousands of candidates to participate in the Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne.

Vehemently active for the past 12 years within the international electronic music scene, her challenging approach into the research of high-powered sounds and textures is the cornerstone of her live electronic and techno groove. The unique combination of her rich imagination and excellent technical ability allows her to deliver exceptional musical experiences.

The deep and understanding relationship between Anna and her machines is instantly apparent during her performances as she glides effortlessly from modular synthesizer to drum machine via effects units. The results of these performances capture both the audiences ear and eye, immersing and encapsulating them in the entity that is An On Bast.
Seeing is truly believing.

An On Bast’s stunning live performances have captivated audiences at many festivals such as; Sonar (Barcelona), Fusion (Germany), Piknic Électronik Melbourne (Australia), Nachtdigital (Germany), 3000 ° Festival (Germany), Numusic (Stavanger), Kvitnu (Kiev), Rekolectiv (Bucharest), Strom (Copenhagen), clubs from Berlin’s Watergate, Kater Blau, Golden Gate, Chalet, About Blank, Berghain Kantine to Elevator (Shanghai), Lantern, Dada (Beijing) in China; in Poland (selected:) Opener (Gdynia), Garbicz (Garbicz), Audioriver (Płock), Unsound (Kraków), Tauron (Katowice), Animator (Poznań), Malta Festival (Poznań), UpToDate (Białystok).

Anna has released a number of EPs and seven solo albums – the latest, titled “Neuroplastic Brain Fitness” released on her own label Ghost Kitchen. Suda also collaborates with labels across the globe, her music is published by record labels in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Portugal, USA and China.

As well as her innovative electronic achievements Anna also eagerly reinterprets classical works of art. “The Rite of Spring” by Stravinsky as well as Chopin, Wieniawski and film music by Penderecki. She also works with sound design, creates music for movies, installations, modern dance performances and everything where music adds meaning and colour.

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