Stream : London-based producer, composer and musician Rory Simmons aka Harlequiin releases solo EP ‘Decade’s Dream’

Veiled beneath the identity of Harlequiin, London-based producer, composer and musician Rory Simmons releases his fourth solo EP ‘Decade’s Dream’, a five-track project draped in glitchy pop jewels.

Having performed with a number of critically acclaimed artists including The 1975, Blur, Mount Kimbie and Friendly Fires, Rory’s solo project allows him to take centre-stage. Lead single ‘Water Me’ is built on a chaotic bed of electronic synths, intricately laced with Amelka May’s soothing vocal melodies. “’Water Me’ is about self care and kindness to oneself” Amelka explains. “In my experience, in cultivating a good relationship with yourself, good things happen. You tend to meet positive people and find yourself in healthier situations than you might have done before. ‘Water Me’ is a celebration of that”.

Opening track ‘Eat Me Up Astoria’ is infused with fizzing electronic beats and syncopated drum patterns. Its late-night groove was inspired by “a road trip to a small town on the Pacific Coast in Oregon” Rory explains. “Astoria has that kind of wild, nowhere town hedonistic feel about it. It’s a beautiful, faded industrial town with an amazing kind of energy, still full of surprises”.

Alongside his solo project, Rory has performed with a number of international artists including The Maccabees, Sundara Karma and Bonobo as well as producing two EPs for last year’s breakthrough solo act Eloïse.

Harlequiin’s fourth project is enchantingly idiosyncratic, portraying an artist who has confidently discovered their sound.