Stream: October returns to Honey Soundsystem with Eviction EP

It all started with a handful of cash but ended in eviction.

Always intended as a story in two parts, Jules Smith aka October’s Eviction EP is the six-song follow up to his Pay Day EP, we unleashed in late 2018. An album’s worth of material made ‘just for Honey Soundsystem’ Jules is back with his sleazy Prophet-one driven industrial disco.

As indulgent as the rave sirens and snare pummels on the title track seem, October’s sheer mastery in production and studio mixing turn these tongue-in-cheek-in-your-face nightclub firecrackers into delicacies. Oh! And file ‘Larry Bruce Chest Thumper’ under Front 242 and i:Cube doing a line off of an iPhone together.

01. Eviction 909
02. Larry Bruce Chest Thumper
03. Hunger
04. Facemelter
05. Tropical Phil
06. Deth Of Komedy (Digital Only)